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We have an astronaut dancing for no good reason.
There's no crypto in outer space.

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The Wrong Token Contract Address:

The Wrong Tokenomics

347,544,993 Total Supply

The Wrong supply was calculated by just picking a random number because it really doesn't matter.

BNB Smart Chain

Wrong is a BEP20 token. This is the right blockchain for the Wrong token.

6% Total Tax

There is a 6% tax on all buys, sells, and transfers.
It is the Wrong tax.


The contract traps Wrong
in the token address. 
They are basically dead AF.


Wrong Stuff consists of marketing, operational costs, adding to the coin purse, burns, and lambos.
Wrong Stuff

The Wrong Info

People like to pretend they care about transparency, safety, utility, and whitepapers.
So, we have that for you.

The Wrong liquidity is locked on pinksale. There are 3 different locks.
We don't understand most of this
but there are a lot of green checkmarks.
Do you like passive income or rewards?
We have both. Still think this is a meme?
Nobody reads whitepapers but this is actually pretty damn good.
Utility is a carrot that is held out in front of investors to keep you under a spell. “When this whatever comes out, we will explode!” So, we sit and wait. At Wrong, we do not have a carrot. We respect you enough to not hold one in front of you. We have something better. We have the truth. It’s our main utility.

The Wrong Roadmap

X Pay for some ads on listing sites to bring in marketers to ban in the shitty chat
X Get ripped off by a few call channels
X Have you ever heard of telegram stickers bro?
X Say something dumb like we're working hard in the background
X Post some gifs in the shitty chat
X Pay for twitter follows to look better
X Break up roadmap into phases or something
X Merch, bitch. Merch.

X Mint the Wrong token
X Make the Wrong website
X Stealth launch because f#ck it
X Burn some and pretend that it adds value
X Renounce the contract and act like that helps anyone
X Open a shitty Telegram Chat full of confused people and bots
X OMG! We forgot to make a Twitter account to get DMs from scammers!

Phase 1

Phase 2

X List on a bunch of voting sites and pretend to get real votes
X Waste time releasing a whitepaper like anyone would ever read it
X Someone reports that a fake Wrong Dev account is DMing "Are you available?"
X Expand the idea and screw that up
X Try to get a denial email from BSCSCAN to update our socials but fail
X Throw away money on an AMA in a group where people just want an airdrop
X Get a completely worthless audit
X Pretend someone wrote a news article about us and add a link to it
X Redesign the website cause that will pump us (eyeroll)
X NFTs, bitch. NFTs.

Phase 3

X Say "wen lambo" a lot
Do another AMA where someone asks some pointed question to show
how smart they are but their own project is down 500% since launch

X Disappear for like a week or so to make people nervous
X Pretend Elon is tweeting directly about us and raid his tweet
Post on twitter about more big stuff we won't really do using exclamation points!
Pretend to build a DApp for several months before we just stop bringing it up

X Do more of the same
Get people to understand what wrong actually is about

Phase 4

Moon Like Crazy

Phase 5


The Wrong Utilities

Wait.  I thought this was a memecoin.

Earn many X's on our
Lambo Parking Pass NFT Series
Whales have governance over their 
blue chip saving account
Giving power to the Wrong holders.

Wow. More space stuff.
Might change this to an Elon Musk picture.

The Wrong Team

Crypto Mastermind
Fnu Lnu
The Other Guy
Bought a Shirt
Night Shift

The Wrong FAQ

What is the Wrong total supply?
Scroll up ffs

What are the Wrong token taxes for?
Is this a serious question?

How do I add Wrong to my wallet?
GTFOH newb

Can I really buy Wrong?

The Wrong Partners
(These people have never heard of us)

Poocoin chart

and more!

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Copyright by The Wrong Token 2023       
All Rights Reserved

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One token, two logos.
Party in the front. Business in the back.
The Wrong Press
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