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Yup. You guessed it.
We have whales in space.

Be a Wrong Whale and Earn Passive Income

The Wrong investors that hold a minimum of 1% of the Wrong supply (you're a Wrong Whale!) in a single wallet can get their greedy hands on our coin purse that is gathering the right blue chip cryptos. As an alternative to entry, hold 1 million Wrong Tokens and a Wrong NFT in the same wallet.
When the total in the Wrong Coin Purse reaches each $1000 interval, the Wrong One Club will vote on whether to cash it out or to let it ride.
If there is a cash out, the Wrong Devs will sell half of the purse and the holders that qualify will all split the funds evenly with payouts in BNB (BEP20).  It is passive income.
If we let it ride like gangstas, there will be votes at every $1,000 interval.  Voting will follow WrongDAO guidelines and will always favor to let it ride.
The holder snapshot for voting is whenever we notice there is $1,000 in savings.  We are not looking every 5 seconds so get off our damn backs.  We will explain how to vote when we vote.  It's easy.
The Wrong Coin Purse is holding 9 blue chips (look below dude).  There's a total tally so you don't have to do simple math.  You can follow the wallet on bscscan or just check here.  It'll update every other day or something.

Wrong Coin Purse

Collecting : BTC, BNB, ETH, LTC, LINK, AVAX, and More!

One Questions

How do I qualify for these rewards?
Hold 1% or more of the supply in a wallet or hold 1M tokens along with a Wrong NFT.

How do I vote?
Join our telegram for directions.

What's it mean to "let it ride"?
Losing my patience...we hold.

What happens when the purse reaches $1000 intervals?
It's like talking to my wife about crypto.

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