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Focused on Phase Five

Just as ridiculous as an Ecosystem but better.

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Wrong Quickie

Because 92% of you won't read more than this...


The Wrong Token


People keep buying the wrong token. So, here it is.

6% Tax
Low Circulating Supply
3 Utilities

>30% of Supply Removed

The Wrong ETH Token


No Tax
Lower Circulating Supply
No Utilities

>65% Burned

It is the wrong Ethereum token. Kinda.



The Wrong Token

347,544,993 Total Supply

The Wrong supply was calculated by just picking a random number because it really doesn't matter.

BNB Smart Chain

Wrong is a BEP20 token. This is the right blockchain for the Wrong token.

6% Total Tax

There is a 6% tax on all buys, sells, and transfers. It is the Wrong tax.


Feeds Nathan
These tokens go to Nathan's Belly.  Nathan is a hot dog eating hero and our largest holder that can never sell.


Wrong Utilities consist of marketing, operational costs, adding to the coin purse, burns, and lambos.
Funds The Wrong Utilities

That ain't Lance Armstrong 

or whatever.

Yea. Neil. I know.

Passive IncomeRewardsGovernance& A fat guy

The Wrong Utilities

Working and proven utilities. 
These aren't in development but in practice.
I'm trying to say that they already work.
I know.  It's weird.


The One Club

The Wrong investors that hold a minimum of 1% of the Wrong supply (you're a Wrong Whale!) in a single wallet can get their greedy hands on our coin purse that is gathering the right blue chip cryptos. As an alternative to entry, hold 1 million Wrong Tokens and a Wrong NFT in the same wallet.
When the total in the Wrong Coin Purse reaches each $1000 interval, the Wrong One Club will vote on whether to cash it out or to let it ride.



Your Lambo is in ❌ The Wrong Parking Lot!
We offer NFTs that pay the Wrong Rewards. The 1st 10 (of 100?) cost only .15 BNB. After these 10 were sold, rewards began and have been incredible. The price of these NFTs increase with each new set minted. Future lambo owners must hold a minimum of 100K $Wrong and a Wrong Parking Pass NFT in a single wallet to qualify for Wrong Rewards.
The Wrong Rewards are airdrops of The Wrong Token. 
When the wrong parking lot is full, we will race these muthas and drop $Wrong into the qualifying lambos.


Holders of The Wrong Token have an influence on our direction and future. Wrong Token now has a governance utility. You will decide.

Our unique governance submission and voting system allows Wrong holders to propose changes and champion an addendum.

Votes are fully visible on the blockchain. Our governance system allows the Wrong voters to feel comfortable knowing there isn't a DApp or complex methodology.

Nathan is the Wrong Token's largest holder. He eats 2% of every transaction. Nathan can never sell and eats like an elephant. His hunger fuels our supply shock tokenomics that reduces circulating supply with every buy, sell, and transfer.

Who's Nathan?


The Road tophase five

The Wrong Roadmap

Want to make the crypto gods laugh? Make a plan.

X - Completed
O - Upcoming or Ongoing

X Mint the Wrong token
X Make the Wrong website
X Stealth launch because f#ck it
X Burn some and pretend that it adds value
X Renounce the contract and act like that helps anyone
X Open a shitty Telegram Chat full of confused people and bots
X OMG! We forgot to make a Twitter account to get DMs from scammers!

phase one

phase two

X Pay for some ads on listing sites to bring in marketers to ban in the shitty chat
X Get ripped off by a few call channels
X Have you ever heard of telegram stickers bro?
X Say something dumb like we're working hard in the background
X Post some gifs in the shitty chat
X Pay for twitter followers to look better
X Get our twitter account suspended for it (We know it's X now. Shaddup.)

X Break up roadmap into phases or something
X Merch, bitch. Merch.

phase three

X List on a bunch of voting sites and pretend to get real votes
X Waste time releasing a whitepaper like anyone would ever read it
X Someone reports that a fake Wrong Dev account is DMing "Are you available?"
X Expand the idea and screw that up
X Try to get a denial email from BSCSCAN to update our socials but fail
X Throw away money on an AMA in a group where people just want an airdrop
X Get a completely worthless audit
X Pretend someone wrote a news article about us and add a link to it
X Redesign the website cause that will pump us (eyeroll)
X NFTs, bitch. NFTs.

phase four

X Say "wen lambo" a lot
X Do another AMA where someone asks some pointed question to show
how smart they are but their own project is down 500% since launch

X Disappear for like a week or so to make people nervous
X Pretend Elon is tweeting directly about us and raid his tweet

X Post on twitter about more big stuff we won't really do using exclamation points!
X Pretend to build a DApp for several months before we just stop bringing it up
X Do more of the same

X Get people to understand what Wrong is actually about

phase five

O Moon Like Crazy

It is notconfusing bro

The Wrong ETH Token


There was a community vote on whether or not to release an ERC20 token. This "addendum" did not pass. In response to that failed vote, Nathan (not even a real person) has retaliated by releasing The Wrong ETH Token with a stealth launch. This new token is a BSC20 token that is backed by Binance Pegged ETH in the liquidity pool. That is literally the wrong ETH. Because WrongETH's liquidity is mostly Binance Pegged Ethereum, the token will follow Ethereum's price fluctuation not BNB's.

As a fun fact, the circulating supply for WrongETH is identical to the real ETH. Did you catch that? An added note, a small portion of WrongETH's liquidity will also have Wrong tokens paired with WrongETH. On paper, if The Wrong Token's chart has a red candle, it will negatively impact The Wrong ETH Token's chart, too.

After all, it is a biosphere.

The Wrong distraction on our way to the moon.


Total Token Supply


Remaining Supply


0% Tax

Buys, Sells, and Transfers







This is not Nathan.

The Wrong EthRoadmap

Simple AF

Eat hot dogs

Call an ambulance


There is no crypto in outer space. FYI


Wieners & Winners

Fnu Lnu
The Other Guy
Bought a Shirt
Night Shift

no carrot

The Other Utility

Our No Carrot philosophy is revolutionary.

We actually do what we say before we say it.

The Wrong Team does not entice investors with hype. Every new idea is completed and released before being promoted.

These peoplehave never heardof us tbh

The Wrong Partners

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