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The Wrong Token Overview

Not a meme token anymore.

The Wrong Token started as a joke between friends on April 1, 2023. 

It isn't a joke anymore.

Passive Income, Wrong Rewards,

and Governance.

At launch, The Wrong Token was seen as only a parody. Now, it has three of the most well thought out utilities on Binance Smart Chain.

Our No Carrot philosophy is revolutionary.

The Wrong Team does not entice investors with hype. Every new idea is completed and released before being promoted.

The Wrong Token

Wrong Contract Address


Token Supply

244,439,651 In Circulation

347,544,993 Total

11.2% Eaten by Nathan

6% Total Tax

2% is Eaten by Nathan

4% Funds the Wrong Utilities


The Wrong Token

The iconic website that started a movement.

Read through the hilarious parody in the original Wrong Token website.


Passive Income, Wrong Rewards, and Governance. 

These are The Wrong Utilities.


Passive Income

Wrong holders with 1% of the supply in a single wallet or 1M Wrong tokens with a Wrong NFT become members of the One Club and have control over a wallet accumulating blue chip cryptos. At increments of $1000, One Club members vote on whether to let it ride or to sell half of the Coin Purse's holdings and distribute BNB evenly to the qualified wallets. The Coin Purse collects BNB, Binance pegged Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Avalanche, and Chainlink. Votes are through the Wrong DAO.

Wrong NFT

Wrong Rewards

Wrong Parking Pass NFT holders with 100K Wrong Tokens in the same wallet are periodically airdropped Wrong tokens.  

Wrong NFT


Wrong holders with 100K or more Wrong tokens can participate in our DAO by voting or championing a proposal.

Wrong DAO

Who's Nathan?

Nathan is the Wrong Token's largest holder. He eats 2% of every transaction. Nathan can never sell and eats like an elephant. His hunger fuels our supply shock tokenomics that reduces circulating supply with every buy, sell, and transfer.

Wrong Nathan

The Wrong Team

Crypto Mastermind
Fnu Lnu
The Other Guy
Bought a Shirt
Night Shift
Poocoin chart
Wrong Token
Wrong Token
Wrong Token
Wrong Token
Wrong Token
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