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The WrongETH Token

A pure meme BSC20 token backed by Ethereum.

It is not on Ethereum but the liquidity is in Ethereum. 

The WrongETH token evolved from the WrongBSC roadmap entry "Do more of the same."

Linked to the WrongBSC token that went 1200x.

At launch, The Wrong Token was seen as only a parody. Now, it has three of the most well thought out utilities on Binance Smart Chain. Yes, 1200x.

Blame Nathan if it goes wrong.

WrongDAO's Addendum 4 was a proposal to introduce a real Ethereum token. That failed. Now, we have Nathan to deal with as a dev. Great.


WrongETH Contract Address


The WrongETH token contract is standard. There is nothing that can be altered. Nathan can renounce it after launch. I mean, whatever.

Total Token Supply


Circulating Supply


0% Tax

Buys, Sells, and Transfers






Locked for 30 days and then burned?

The iconic token that started a movement now has a cohort.

Holders of both BSC and ETH Wrong tokens can expect what's expected.

The WrongETH Roadmap

Eat hot dogs

Call an ambulance


Want to make the crypto gods laugh? Make a plan.


Nathan's Trap

If you're thinking of selling WrongBSC tokens to buy WrongETH, better think again. Nathan is a devilish hot dog eating bastard. Besides using the wrong Ethereum Token (Binance Pegged ETH) as liquidity, Nathan has added a big helping of WrongBSC to the liquidity pool. So, if WrongBSC's chart is hurting, so is WrongETH's chart. Sure, it's a dick move.

The WrongETH Team

Fnu Lnu
Fat Lazy Dev
The Other Guy
Bought a Shirt
Night Shift

Can you explain all this to me like I'm a 5-year-old, please?


There was a community vote on whether or not to release an ERC20 token. This "addendum" did not pass. In response to that failed vote, Nathan (not even a real person) has retaliated by releasing WrongETH with a stealth launch. This new token is a BSC20 token that is backed by Binance Pegged ETH in the liquidity pool. That is literally the wrong ETH. Because WrongETH's liquidity is mostly Binance Pegged Ethereum, the token will follow Ethereum's price fluctuation not BNB's.

As a fun fact, the circulating supply for WrongETH is identical to the real ETH. Did you catch that? An added note, a small portion of WrongETH's liquidity will also have WrongBSC tokens paired with WrongETH. On paper, if Wrong BSC's chart has a red candle, it will negatively impact the WrongETH chart, too. After all, it is a biosphere.

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