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Addendum Twelve


Voting Closed

Special:  For all Wrong holders with 100K or more tokens


This vote is to decide whether some Parking Pass NFTs that are not being used should be retired and resold. Some PP NFT holders have sold their tokens rendering their NFT useless. This addendum proposes that by not qualifying for 2 reward drops in succession will null and void an unqualified NFT.  The first drop would be June 7's drop.  With this said, the Wrong Team would communicate NFTs at risk of being voided in the chat. Also, empathy will be used for those NFT holders that communicate that they would like to keep their NFTs and plan to re-qualify them.  Make no mistake, this addendum applies to the wallets that sold and do not show signs of a return. Voided NFTs would be reminted and resold on the open market.





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